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The original Issue Manager theme powered the Dartmouth Engineer magazine

The story starts with Dartmouth College, who needed a way to put their Dartmouth Engineer Magazine online to reach alumni and current/prospective students.

WordPress needed issues

As a traditional publisher with an issue based production cycle they needed to be able to load up all their stories and publish each issue with one click. They also required a state of the art publishing system to enable email subscribers, attract Google searches and be able to distribute their story socially into Facebook, Twitter and other social media properties. Naturally they chose WordPress.


Lew Ayotte

The IssueManager Theme (originally developed by @glennansley) was born to help Dartmouth manage each issue produced. From there @LewAyotte and @PeterEricson developed the plugin version of IssueManager, and decided to simply call it IssueM.

Why go open source?

We are giving away the plugin to make WordPress the worlds #1 magazine and news platform. Yes that sounds pretty lofty but think about it: WordPress drives over 20% of the worlds web traffic today and is growing fast. With wider distribution and premium addons we will become a stronger organization which helps you, the WordPress developer & publisher.

Ramping up…

Jesse McDougall

Jesse McDougall

Jesse McDougall joined us as a partner in the spring of 2014 in order to share his publishing expertise with publishers seeking a better way to distribute content. Jesse is a publishing-industry veteran with both a respect for traditional publishing models and a desire to see the industry move forward. Jesse is also a web developer, an author, entrepreneur, and a newly-minted chicken farmer.

Jeremy Green

Jeremy Green

Jeremy Green joined us in the summer of 2014 bringing his steady hand to WordPress plugin and theme development. Jeremy supports and helps train publishers how to use and troubleshoot various WordPress plugins and themes. His super power is the understated elegance and cleanliness he brings in his approach to design.

The right information & the right software

The magazine/news publishing industry has a mess of publishing solutions: PDFs, flip-books, proprietary platforms, iOS, Android, Kindle, and the open web. Our mission is to provide you, the publisher, with the right tools and information so you can reach and monetize 99% of your digital audience with state of the art tools, marketing, all without breaking the bank. Why not publish with what NYTimes, WSJ, The New Yorker, and millions of others are using?

Join us on our crusade to help forge the leading platform for digital magazine and news publishing: WordPress

Peter Ericson


Peter Ericson

We are always open to suggestions, praise and gripes. Let it rip on our spiffy contact page.