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“Things” to Sell: Sparking New Ideas for Publishers

My last post “Rediscovering the Sense and Economics of Publishing ‘Things’” was, I’m happy to say, well-received. We heard from publishers via email, Twitter, and phone calls that the post spoke to a core concern they’d been having about “the digital future” equaling a purely “free content” future. We, of course, argue that it doesn’t […]

The Baffler: Successfully Making the Leap from Print to the Web

Showcase Summary Publication: The Baffler Formats: Print, Web, Download zeen101 (our software brand) Plugins Used: IssueM & Leaky Paywall The Baffler online magazine (first printed issue was published in 1988) is a highly-visible and beautifully-illustrated magazine with a large readership. The magazine offers subscriptions in print, online, or both. To make all this happen, The Baffler […]

Showcase: WordPress publications that use our IssueM plugin (to build issues)

Here are a few publications that use our free IssueM plugin. Take a look at their past issues/archives and you will see how the plugin loads up the entire issue. Each article is created with the Article custom post type… and each Article is assigned to one (or more) issues. All these publications show up in Google […]

WordPress as a college news site: We launch Dartmouth Now

Dartmouth College recently rebranded it’s main site and naturally needed to redesign it’s main news portal for the campus ( We were put to the task. A Woo Canvas child theme was built to mirror the design that Dartmouth handed to us. We added the functionality they needed: Shared header and footer code that […]

New WordPress plugin that turns your issues into PDFs… automatically

News from the publishing department: Now you can automatically output every issue you publish in WordPress as a PDF, without lifting a finger. Meant to work with our IssueM plugin (which turns WordPress into an issue based publisher), you can create PDFs from the Issues dashboard in WordPress or Download the PDF from the public Archives/Past Issues […]